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Art, Gary, Ryan, Renee, Angie, Jaemi, Heather, Veronica and Ron

Art, Gary, Ryan, Renee, Angie, Jaemi, Heather, Veronica and Ron
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Meet the staff of Fairway Flooring

Fairway Floor and Design Center is the North Idaho supplier of quality floor and window coverings. We have been serving North Idaho since 1976. Owned and operated by Art Trenkle since 1994, the team at Fairway Floor suffered a great loss with his passing in May 2017 from leukemia. Art’s goal for Fairway Floor was to provide the best possible floor covering service and experience to residential and commercial customers. His goals and spirit will live on in the organization he built and the inspiration he has provided many of us.

Abbey Carpet is the featured product at Fairway Floor, along with all major brands of carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate floor and hard window coverings. All Abbey Carpet is manufactured by the largest and most modern manufacturers in the nation and the world.

Abbey Carpet & Floor, as a company, has been in business since 1958; predating even McDonalds as one of the oldest franchises in America. During the past 50 years, Abbey has grown to over 800 locations with stores located throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Abbey has come a long way to become "America's Choice" in floor fashions. Today Abbey flooring can be found in more than 5,000,000 homes. 

Fairway Floor also has available to their customers, carpet and flooring from all the other major manufactures and suppliers of quality products. 

Come on in and see why we are the #1 choice for quick and easy one stop shopping for Homeowners and Contractors alike.

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